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Chateau Thieuley Bordeaux Blanc 2017 (Screw Cap)

Bordeaux, France

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Be transported to the west coast of France with this sublime dry Sauvignon Blanc blend. Concentrated and intense, this stylish wine from the Courselle sisters has flavours of apple and warm pear with spice and pepper notes adding poise and complexity.


Chateau Thieuley

A 100% family-owned vineyard, the “Vignobles Courselle” started in 1950, when Andre Courselle bought Chateau Thieuley located in the famous Bordeaux region of France.  His son, Francis Courselle, was one of the first to show the Bordelais how to make dry white wine that people want to drink. While teaching at Bordeaux University, he was putting his ideas into practice with considerable success at his charming property Chateau Thieuley at La Sauve, in the centre of Entre-Deux-Mers. His secret lies in harvesting high-quality fruit and preserving its aroma and character in bottle. His two daughters have now followed in his footsteps and are making better wine than ever at this excellent property.

 Bordeaux Blanc

If the word Bordeaux is mentioned most people take it to refer to red wine. However, a good deal of white wine is made in Bordeaux, and some of the finest white Bordeaux can be compared with many of the world’s best white wines. Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon are the most important grapes used for the regions dry Bordeaux white, however, Muscadelle, and Sauvignon Gris are planted in the vineyards as well.